Thursday, May 31, 2012

another day another donut

I really like going on walks with my puppy.  Especially when they lead us right to a donut shop.  Did you know that if you actually walk to a donut shop, the donuts have zero calories?  I know!  What a sweet deal.

I had kind of forgotten about how moving feels.  Once the moving truck dumps all of your stuff off and drives away and you're kind of like, well shoot, I guess I live here now.  And you end up getting lost every time you drive to the store.  And then you think about calling so-and-so to do such-and-such, but then you remember that you left your friends in Montana and you live in Washington now.  It's lonely and exciting all at once.  Which makes no sense at all.

My life these days consists of calling our realtor every five seconds and scrolling through the home-for-sale sites, looking for anything new.  This house hunting business is not at all like I imagined it would be.  Where usually I am super awesome at making decisions, and knowing right away what I want, committing to a house seems SUPER DUPER scary.  Also, I am afraid I have very expensive taste.

The best best part of all is that Evan loves his new job.  I can't even explain how happy that makes me after two years of the worst job ever.

I should probably mention that both of those donuts were for me (ZERO CALORIES!!!).


Monday, May 28, 2012

Palouse Falls

Over the long weekend we went out with our new friends to visit Palouse Falls.  It was so misty and wonderful!  It was perfect timing because we had just started to mourn the loss of our Montana mountains--turns out Washington is pretty cool too!  Thank goodness :)

p.s. Gesso is kind of looking like a giant in that picture up there.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

stairs are super

More then just sometimes I wonder to myself,
  who's dumb idea was it to bring a wild animal into our house?  
And why does he eat all our stuff?  And require so much brushing/vacuuming? 
 (side note: it was my idea)

But then the rest of the time he is just so silly and adorable that I forget about all that stuff and how I can't wear dark colors anymore.

Our new place has stairs.  Which are kind of a new thing for Gesso.  He likes to perch on the middle landing and keep track of his humans.  That's also where he eats his treats.  And he likes to attack us when we try to go past him (kind of the troll-under-the-bridge thing).  Wall-climber-Evan scared the pants off of Gesso the other day and you are so lucky I just happened to have my camera!


Oh puppy.  You are cute.  Evan too.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

catching up: Lolo, Montana

We spent a few nights in Lolo (you know, Lolo?  The town where in A River Runs Through It, Brad Pitt goes to disappoint his family) while we waited for the moving truck to catch up to us.  It was super cozy (queen bunk beds!) and there was a natural hot springs across the street.  We spent a day in Missoula and ate at a cafe where I had the best tomato soup of my life.    I can't stop thinking about it actually.

Monday, May 14, 2012

catching up: fern's nipple


We met up with my big brother Nick and his wife Camilla to do some hiking in Capitol Reef National Park.  Evan had his heart set on hiking Fern's Nipple, and so we did just that.  It was a really terrific hike and man alive I miss the desert already!

Friday, May 11, 2012

catching up: river rats

Our brother-in-law Brandt is a ranger on the San Juan River and we were lucky enough to tag along on a three day trip with him.  It was kind of amazing.  Not only did we get to pretend we were rangers (hey mister, where's your permit?), but we got the insiders tour of this crazy cool place.  There were wildflowers everywhere, which made my soul sing and my fingers itch (maybe once I get unpacked there will be time for drawing? please?).

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh hi!  We made it to Walla Walla and are slowly getting settled in.  We found a month-to-month rental that we plan on staying in for just a little bit while we look for a home to buy (what? when did I become an adult?).  We moved most of our stuff into the garage and are living quite simply/sparsely.   It's been kind of hard for me actually because I am a compulsive nester.  I'm not kidding when I tell you that the only bit of 'decorating' I've done is to unroll a rug in the living room.  Evan was so proud of me.  Oh, and then I dug out some throw pillows.  Because I couldn't help myself.  Oops.

We had a delicious salad picnic last night.   I am so happy to be making dinner again.

I have about a million photos to go through and hopefully I'll be getting to some 'catch up' posts soon.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

bye bye blue bungalow

Moving day is here!

I guess I'll see you guys around.  Hopefully soon.

Have a happy May!
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